ATTENTION: To all current and prospective students. 

We are currently working on our new online commerce portal, so in the interim please make any and all tuition and course payments by check to our mailing address.

Make all checks payable to:  Wycliffe Theological Seminary

Send all payments to:            Wycliffe Theological Seminary 

                                                  P.O. Box 495   

                                                  Endicott, NY  13760


NOTE: Tuition payments are a minimum of $100.00

              Course payments can either be made in full (with most at a 10% discount) or by making a $500.00 down payment.

***In either case please notify our office at:  OR call us at (607) 953-0942 and let us know that payment is being sent.

Thank You! 

Again...this is only temporary until our new online pay center has been put in place.